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EcoServe is the primary Caribbean distributor of sustainable, high-quality, plant-based, disposable food packaging.  We provide an eco-friendly, sugarcane byproduct material (Bagasse) that is far superior to traditional plastic / polystyrene packaging.  Bagasse products are ideal for takeaways, supermarkets and food suppliers.  It is more cost-effective and far superior in virtually every measurable way.  Our PLA (Polylactic Acid) products perform much like traditional plastics, but with the crucial benefit of being 100% compostable in commercial compost facilities.


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Shipping to Caribbean

With an enormous inventory, we can ship anything in stock, to any major port in the Caribbean, within 14 days.  However, if you have a special request or a particularly large order, delivery times can vary between 6-8 weeks. 

We guarantee the best prices, the fastest delivery and the highest quality products in the industry.


Experience Matters

Our owners have over two decades experience serving the Caribbean hospitality industry.  Having shipped millions of sustainable products to the area, we are the ideal company to handle your needs.

With new rules and regulations regarding food packaging in the Caribbean, EcoServe Bagasse & PLA Products are perfectly suited to deliver all of your requirements.


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Without question, EcoServe has the highest quality Bagasse and / or PLA products at the best prices in the Caribbean. They have earned our highest recommendation!


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News / Information

28 May 2019

Our New Selection of Goods

We have just received containers of our latest 2019 stock.  There is a wide selection of items to choose from… Plates, Bowls, Clam-Shells, Cups, Lids, Trays etc.

1 JAN 2019

Welcome New Customers

A warm welcome to all of our newest customers all over the Caribbean.  Whether a restaurant, a take-away vendor, a supermarket or a hotel… You will always find the products that suit your needs.

What We Offer…

EcoServe is the primary Caribbean distributor of sustainable, high-quality, plant-based, disposable food packaging.  We can supply virtually any vendor in the Caribbean Islands and parts of Central America.  We have an enormous stock of inventory and delivery is fast.

We supply all types of Bagasse and / or PLA products: plates; bowls; lids; trays; clam-shell containers; coffee cups; and much more.  All the products come in many various sizes to suit your individual needs.  Please contact us for any more details.

Fridge / Freezer Safe

Making Long Term Storage Easy


Perfect for Our Planet

100°C Heat Resistant

Excellent for Hot Food Service

Fully Microwavable

Versatile in Any Kitchen

120°C Cooking Oil Resistant

Great for Stir-Fry & BBQ


For Your Customer Care

Oven Safe

Safety in All Places

Food Safety Compliance

Extremely Safe & Fully Certified


No Exterior Sweating

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